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Founder, President

Jess Ennis

How did a tree-hugging publisher/economist find himself fully immersed in the solar industry? It started with an “a-HAH” moment in 2009. I had just written my monthly ag-magazine column, this time about the effects of climate disruption, in which I calculated my own carbon footprint. It left me feeling pretty sad & frustrated. Then, after 17 years as a publisher, I switched careers…went leaping into the fledgling “scum business” — that is, large-scale micro-algae production & oil extraction for clean-burning, renewable biofuels. Very exciting work, even if the potential results were years away. But, after just one year, that algae start-up ran out of operating capital…so, the moment for another career change. SOLAR! Clean energy technology. Already on the ground & running. Compelling for a wide range of scale…business, home, utility. Very well-suited for agriculture (my background). So, for six years, I worked to develop solar power systems, first at one solar company, then another. After seeing the great, the bad & the ugly of each, time for another leap — form a new, better company, Sun Lion Energy…together with the most ideal partner imaginable — Ken Nadsady, electrical engineer, former Space Station life-systems designer, solar design & installation genius, even a “Climate Reality Project” leader & trainer.

If we humans are to make the successful transition to a thriving sunshine economy, as we must, Sun Lion Energy & others must be here in the trenches, day after day, doing the hands-on work to deploy solar power, customer by delighted customer, kilowatt by clean, carbon-neutral kilowatt.

Chief Technology Officer

Ken Nadsady

Our mission is simple: Delight each & every customer & contribute to the greater good.

How did I go from designing & developing life-support systems for NASA, Space Shuttles & the International Space Station (ISS) to designing and building solar power systems here on Terra Firma? Well, the main system that supports life in the ISS is its…drum roll…SOLAR POWER system. Without harnessing the power of sunlight, the ISS simply would not support life.

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