Solar power for agriculture

“When I wake up in the morning and see it’s gonna be a sunny day, I feel so happy because I know I’m making money!”

When you think about it, it’s true that farmers use solar panels every day in their fields. Every leaf of every crop is a solar panel, capturing the sun’s power & converting it to a form of energy that the plant uses to grow. Solar panels on the roof of your barn mimic the action of a plant’s leaves, converting the sun’s power into energy YOU can use — electricity. Photosynthesis, photovoltaics…two peas in a pod.
Now you can harvest even more of the sun’s energy…& turn that rooftop into an added profit center!

Why FARMS are ideally suited for Solar Power:

1. Electricity is a major expense. Fans for livestock, coolers for produce, driers for grain run up prodigious electricity costs.
2. On rooftops or on the ground, there is often space available.
3. USDA solar grants are available. (We do your grant writing.
4. Solar tax credits & depreciation can be used immediately or carried over for a period of several years.
5. Farmers enjoy self-reliance & independence. Self-generated electricity right on the farm provides both.
6. Solar is patriotic. It makes the US less dependent on foreign energy sources.
7. Farmers are stewards of our natural resources. Solar is a clean, non-polluting technology for generating energy.

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