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100 U.S. Cities Have Made the Pledge: Going to 100% Renewable Energy

In fast, steady succession, progressive cities across Ohio, the U.S., and the world are embracing renewable energy, both to reduce their electricity expenditures AND to cut their carbon footprints.

Cleveland and Cincinnati are just two of more than 100 cities in the United States that have pledged to go to 100% renewable energy.

Short of making the bold commitment to GO 100% Renewable Energy, cities are embracing solar power in other significant ways. Hudson, Ohio (headquarters of Sun Lion Energy) installed a hybrid rooftop-plus-ground-mount solar-electric system at the city’s Barlow Community Center.

Along with providing half of the electricity that the community center consumes, this dual solar PV system also serves as an educational tool. Hudson-area schools bring students to special solar presentations that we offer, and regional fire departments train here in procedures where solar installations are present.

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