Solar Power for Homes

To generate your own electricity with the power of sunlight, for ideal production, you will need rooftop or ground space that’s free of shade. We will first assess & quantify your solar potential and relate that to your electricity needs. Then we will quickly customize a design option suited to your situation, along with a price quote. Solar prices have dropped dramatically…by more than half in just the last five years!

Right on the spot, we can get your no-money-down financing approved for you.

These days, we interconnect most residential solar-electric systems with your local electric utility. Through Ohio’s “net metering” provisions, you will export electricity back to the grid at the moments when you generate more electricity than you are using, and you will be credited for those exports. All utilities handle this net metering in somewhat different ways, and we will acquaint you with the way your utility credits you for the electricity you send back to them.

When we interconnect your solar power system with your electric utility through net metering, the utility is acting, more or less, as your battery. Now, another alternative is becoming more and more viable. That is, your own battery storage. Just as we have witnessed in solar technology, battery technology has increased in efficiency and declined in price. We will be happy to offer you a customized battery-storage option as a companion feature for your solar power system.

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